Coach information (ENG)

To be able to work as a coach with clubs affiliated to our Association every coach needs a licence, issued by the Dutch Lawn Tennis Association. Our Association gives in some cases foreign coaches the opportunity to take part in a test to obtain the Dutch Coaches Licence A. This test consists of four parts in which we want to judge the following aspects. 

  1. Your own tennis level. 
  2. Coaching and teaching an individual with the accent on the analysis. 
  3. Coaching and teaching a group of players of a low level with the accent on didactics and methodology. 
  4. Your theoretical knowledge concerning techniques, tactics, condition and mentality. This part will be a written exam. 

If you successfully pass all parts of the test, you will receive the A-licence from our Association for two years. The test will take about three hours and costs € 245,--. When you decide to take part in the test, you will receive a part of the theoretical exam which you can fill-in at home. 

First: to be considered for the test you need certificates or diplomas, which are comparable to our course 'Tennisleraar KSS 3' of 270 hours. To compare this we need all the information about the tennisspecific educations you acheeved, like skills, hours, teachers (names), and books, results (marks) of the exams and parts of the exams. In addition, you need working experience of at least two years after you obtained your diplomas. Finally, we do not intermediate.